Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nifty Thrifty

After a couple weeks without yard "sale"ing we were able to hit up a few this weekend. Although this weekend seemed like we got there just as someone else was taking the great bargin or find. I hate it when that happens! I wish I would never have known what I was missing. I did find a few great things! Here's a couple of items we picked up.

The first was these great candlestick holders ...breaking the bank at $1 each!

I loved the antique look of these calendars and as soon as I heard the price I knew I had to have them. Eventually I'll probably be cleaning them up a bit, but for now, I added cake plates to the three and created my very own three-tier stand which worked great to hold my husband's cookie birthday cake!
My next find was a whopping $10. This bench seat will be the perfet spot to store our shoe basket. We can just take a quick seat as we put them on! I don't have any white furniture and the cushion needs at least a good cleaning but the paneling matches my dining room table perfectly. I was very excited and was extra pleased when I found out it was of solid wood!

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Toni said...

The bench is perfect - and a great price!

Ellen said...

great finds...I will be going to a large flea market this week end in Brimfield MA and I hope I can keep up with the large crowd.

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