Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday To My Little Man - Part 5

Well after five days, this is the final post on my little man's birthday. I have to admit I'm a little sad to be done with this party. I had planned and crafted for so long and it just went by way too quickly. The good news is I've got two more birthdays to celebrate this weekend. Coincentenly my two favorite people were born on the same day!  

I'm a big believer in making sure that favors are age appropriate so when my husband built toolboxes for the goodie boxes I knew that the babies coming to the party wouldn't really go with the somewhat sharp edges so I found these great trucks at Michael's for $1.00. I filled the back with puffs for the little ones to enjoy and they were perfect.

For the older crew members we gave them a hand crafted toolbox (painted the colors of the party and topped off with measuring tape ribbon that I found on sale at Joann's. I loved these toolboxes so much and the fact my husband made them made them that more special. The hard hat tags were the same ones that I used for the food tags but these labels read "Thanks for joining my crew. I hope you DUG my party!"

As a last minute idea, to thank my amazing family for all of their help, I made them Drew's Crew t-shirts and hats that they wore to the party. I love the Avery Transfer Paper! I bought 4 x 6 sheets of it and it was perfect. I wasn't sure if the hats would work out but I was able to pick them up for 75 cents a piece at Michaels so I had to try. I got the adult shirts at Michaels too for $2.50 and the little girls shirts at Walmart for $2. This was my first time using the transfer paper and at first I didn't have the iron hot enough so make sure yours is turned all the way up. For lighter t-shirts they require that you flip your image prior to printing so keep that in mind. I wrapped the t-shirts up with a small tag and handed them out when my family came over for cake and ice-cream on his actual birthday! They were a hit!

As a final comment about the birthday, I'd like to thank my amazing family who over the past few months put in countless hours painting, sawing, crafting, baking and cleaning to get ready for the big day. I love you all! And I love how much you love my son!


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