Monday, April 18, 2011

Tatertots and Jello: Giveaway Monday -- Epic Six Letterpress System {$169 value}!!

Another great giveaway from Tatertots and Jello and Epic Six Letterpress. I love the french fry holder and the tape measure cut out. What do you love?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Curling Ribbon Wreath

I have been seeing alot of ribbon wreaths lately and have fallen in love. During my searching I stumbled across Embellished Bayou and this great ribbon wreath made of curling ribbon. I knew I had to make it for my son's upcoming construction party. I loved that it wasn't too girly. 
The color scheme for Andrew's party is orange, yellow, kiwi and a teal blue. It was a little time consuming but was so much fun and I'm really happy with how it turned out

I added one of Drew's truck's in the center to top it off. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

One of my favorite blogs to vist is Kara's Party Ideas. She always posts the cutest and most elaborate parties and quite frequently gives some great give-aways. Today was one that I just had to share.  The give away is for the entire party (with the exception of the perishables)



Thursday, April 7, 2011

Barnyard Bash

For my son's first birthday, we had a barnyard theme. I started planning the party when I was still pregnant and I was very happy with the way it turned out.

Here's the invite that I designed. I printed on cardstock lined with a solid color line border and matching envelope. 

My first birthday for my son and I forgot/was running around way too much to grab pictures of all the decorations, which makes me so sad but my mother-in-law was able to grab a few during the day. I did remember to take some pictures of items that I created before the big day, but apologize for the picture quality. 

Here are some Lollipop plants that I planted around the party. 

I chose not to do a pinata at Drew's birthday. Mainly because I have beared witness to just too many pinata accidents or close calls, but I think it's ironic that we take a figure that children love and then have them beat it. So I created a candy bar which the kids thought was great and the adults enjoyed too! I found some glass vases at the dollar store and found the barnyard ribbon from the local craft store. 

These little piggies were a big hit and very tasty! I made them using strawberry marshmallows that I found! I love pink marshmallows!!

I found these great treatboxes and barnyard animal visors from Oriental Trading Company. The visors worked out great since it turned out to be a hot day. 

Here's a picture of the living room. I found these great latex cowhide balloons that were perfect and I was able to decorate all around. I also found some amazing mylar pig and cow balloons. To decorate the outside we went to the local animal feed store and rented some hay bales that made for a great photo op. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cupcake Liner Crafts

I told you I was obsessed with making cupcake liner crafts. I saw this great idea on Tater Tots and Jello and I had to try it ... now I am officially hooked. They are so cute and inexpensive to make. I was able to find some floral foam at my local dollar tree and found two styrofoam wreaths that were slightly damaged in the clearance bin at Michael's that I got at a significant discount. Don't worry if they have small cracks or even large ones since the liners are practically weightless and cover any evidence. I also found the floral foam a little too messy, but it was great to store the flowers in so they don't get smashed.

Jennifer has some great step-by-step directions, but I did find my own trick: If you are using a printed liner, make sure to fold half of the liners inside out that way you can put one inside of the other, otherwise your creation will show a lot of unwanted white color. The double liner also makes it look a little fuller. 

So here's some of my latest creations! 

  I picked up the flower clip in the $1 bin that I was able to simply clip onto the liner. 

Then I discovered that these cupcake liners would not only make adorable wreaths, but these flower balls were super cute and so easy to make. I stuck a wooden dowel in the end of the styrofoam ball and then placed hot glue around the edges to hold it in place. 

I think I went back to Michael's 5 times to get more and more liners and so I had enough to make a bouquet. 

Little Mermaid Extravaganza

I had a blast planning my niece's 2nd birthday with my sister. I have an great sister and I love doing anything with her...but planning a party with her...well that's just amazing. Since work has been so hectic lately it was great to melt into a little mermaid planning and help put the world back into perspective. "There are no troubles under the bubbles!"
We chose the Little Mermaid theme and I'm so glad we did... It turned out AMAZING! When we finally decided my sister wanted to make sure it didn't look like we just went to the store and bought a few decorations... and I'm pretty happy to say we accomplished that.
Here is the entry way. Yes my sister did paint it and made her entry way into Tyler's grotto....
My sister decorated the table with pictures of my niece, Tyler throughout the year...little gems in grotto. Soo soo cute!
The weekend before we crafted for over 10 hours making some banners, cupcake toppers, and my favorite cupcake liner flowers. Since we both have incredible husbands who took the kids to my in-laws for a day of go-karting we were able to get so much done, plus the kids had a blast so it was a win for everyone!
I wish I could make these all day long! Seriously, I'm convinced every vase looks better with one of these flowers. I plan on bringing them in to the Easter decor I'm working on and anything else I can slip them into.
My dessert table...I had been dreaming of it for quite some time and my sister let me go crazy. We found some shimmery fabric at Joann's and was so simple to use a little no-sew tape and it was a great backdrop.The cake was made by a friend who in passing told us he used to help his mom bake growing up. Obviously...he did more than help! He was up all night piping and it couldn't have turned out any better. The seashells were molded chocolate. Even better was that it was as delicious as it looked. The letters were glittered foam letters I found at Michael's, some hot glue, ribbon and a wooden dowel made them fantastic! I also created some candies and cupcakes to help add to the table.

Another look at the gorgeous cake. We almost didn't want to cut into it...but it's cake and it was DELICIOUS it was an easy choice.

This was my first attempt at piping (Don't worry I won't quit my day job!) but the cake toppers were so cute and so much fun to make!
Chocolate Covered Pretzels... I actually found them already covered and on sale (Score!) I just drizzled them in a little pink candy.  I think I ate as many as I made. Bad for the diet but I had to eat the mistakes ;)
Little Mermaid ..Thin Mints!
The Lawn Art was handmade and beyond words...

And finally each party goer got to leave with a treasure box of their very own.

So much fun! I can't wait until the next party!