Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to My little Man Part 4...Outdoor Activities

Hello and welcome back. I hope you've had some time to check out the earlier posts about the big day. Today, I'm excited to show you my favorite part the party the outside!

To decorate the outside, we made plenty of construction road signs personalized for our  party theme. My husband cut them out of wood but we found the metal piping was just not in our budget...the solution, silver spray painted pvc!

As guests walked out they entered the New Home Development Site ... The speed limit on this street is 2 of course.

My aunt offered to purchase some construction hats from Oriental Trading Company and I was tickled when the box showed up with not only traditional yellow but pink hats as well. I added a label that read Drew's Crew and they were set. We also picked up some foam hammers from Target's dollar bin. The boys had so much fun getting them wet and attacking each other. We also picked up some tool belts from Home Depot and some construction vests also from Oriental Trading Company. Any crew member that rode the crane had to wear the gear and they LOVED it. (So did I!)
Andrew also got this great sand and water station for his birthday from my parents. Coincidentally it was the perfect colors and we filled it up with sand and let the kids dig. Of course we had to add a sign!

Our Ice Bucket

To help quench our guest's thirst my husband built a roach coach. We added aluminum on the roof but painted the top gray so it wouldn't be as hot. I printed roaches onto clear labels and then added them on for an extra effect.


This was my favorite part of the whole party. While searching for ideas, I found these great ideas for wrecking ball set-ups. They were a basketball wrapped in black fabric and on  a string usually hung from a tree. I loved the idea immediately and knew I wanted to do it. When I told my husband he and  my brother-in-law immediately wanted to build a moving working crane and that's exactly what they did. I'll post the tutorial coming soon but they built a frame on a lazy susan type of material. The kids were able to move the wrecking ball back and forth and knock down the brick wall. To make the brick wall I wrapped several sizes of boxes in red wrapping paper and used brown paint and a sponge to make the bricks. I love the way it turned out!

Due to the crazy heat we also had a waterslide and jumper. Here's a picture of our water hazard area:

I've got one more day of the party to show you tomorrow .. The tool box goodie boxes my husband built, our Drew's Crew T-Shirts and of course thank you cards! I hope you'll be back!

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