Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the world's wonderful fathers! I tell my son often, "You are so lucky I searched the whole world and found the very best daddy out there!" Today we get to remind him how much we love him! 

I ordered some personalized cards from Shutterfly for my husband, Andrew's grandfathers and his Godfather. My plan was to make my husband a similar gift like I got with mother's day but Andrew's been testing the Terrible Two's out for size these days so the photo shoot was more of a meltdown. My motto, If you want to cry those will be the pictures everyone gets! So we decided to make him his favorite cupcake and buy him a new toolbelt. I picked up the tool fabric at Joann's craftstore this weekend during their Firefly sale. 

I made some garland and hung from the ceiling. It was super simple, just punched out some circles and strung some satin ribbon thru the glued front and back pieces. Super easy and super cute! 


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