Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's the Andrew Carnival!

Birthdays are always a little bittersweet for me. For the past three years on each birthday I have told myself this will be Drew's last birthday as an only child but the past three birthdays have come and gone and Drew is still very much an only child. I would love to say this year WILL be the last year Drew is an only child but, the truth is I don't know that. I can't say that Drew will ever be a sibling. And while that utterly breaks my heart, what fills my heart is the things I can say about my SUPER four year old.

- He is LOVED. Not just liked by friends and family but absolutely entirely loved wholly and incredibly by a large group of family and friends.


- He is Loving! He has begun to show his core principals of being caring, compassionate and loving of others. As a mom I couldn't be more proud of the person he is becoming. He thinks of others, wants to include others and is quick to dish out affection. (Seriously, who gets a call from school that their child got hurt initiating a group hug on the playground!)

- He is funny! He thinks of the  some new and witty to keep us laughing.

- He is Creative! For about six months when we would come home from work, Drew would create carnival games for us to play and hand us out prizes, so this years party I wanted to make a carnival themed birthday, but Drew is also opinionated and insisted that we do a super hero party so this momma combined them! 

Here is some more on Drew's party...

The theme while not conventional turned out great....

Our invite. Designed by Blue Egg Events

The Dessert Bar.......                               
The Candy Bar

The Cake by Pila's Cakery 
The backyard 

          The Games

Each game had prizes, we gave each child a bag when the came in to hold their prizes

Tattoos (because momma can't paint!)

Capes decorating station

And the hit of the party...thewater slide 
There were two photo op stations

station 1: indoor with super hero props

option 2: outdoor super hero photo booths made by my amazing hubby.

Drew is 4 and he is SUPER! (And I am a blessed Momma)


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