Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday to My Little Man! Part III..The Dessert Table!

 I love dessert tables and was really excited to put this together. I've been cruising Pinterest for months getting ideas and originally wanted to use fabric as a backdrop but decided to use a window instead.
 I hung paper lanterns from the ceiling. (You can't really see the paper lanterns hanging above in this picture, but I promise they are there.) I found this polka dot material at Walmart for $2. which I used as a tablecloth.

 Due to last year's lack of photos (I didn't take a single one!) I made sure to spend a few minutes before the guests arrived to snap a few photos. The only problem I hadn't laid out all of the desserts so it's an 80% done picture.  I did take about 200 photos but didn't capture everything I wanted to so next year I think we'll either need to hire a photographer and designate a family member "Photographer of the Day". 
I added a pennant banner in the center and finished the backdrop with dumptrucks I made from my Cricut machine. I just attached them to clothespins and viola! I fell in love with these little guys so I made enough to embellish all of my windows.  
I love dessert tables flanked with the guest of honor's name, so when I found these foam letters at Joann's fabric store for 25 cents a piece I was so excited. Originally they were pink and purple which simply wouldn't do for my little man so I painted them in line with the colors of the party. I added a painted wooden dowel wrapped with ribbon and found these great construction cones at you guessed it ... Dollar Tree!
Originally I wanted to make two large polka dot ribbon bows for the sides but my husband was adamant that there would be no bows...so instead I hung two large yellow shovels with ribbon (not bows :) ) and attached them to the table with clothes pins. I thought it ended up better than my original idea. So thanks Babe for the great decorating advice.

I found the orange and white striped flower pots in the $1 bin at Michaels and embellished them with construction stickers I found in my collection. I used those to house some chocolate and toffee marshmallow pops and a cute bin to hold the dessert forks.

I got some tool cupcake toppers from Shindigz and made my own road sign toppers

For dessert I made cupcakes, cookie pops, chocolate cake, and my favortie chocolate covered marshmallows rolled in toffee pops. We also had See's candy which I didn't make but I did eat! 
To finish it off I found these great plates at Target that were 75% off! Yeah for sales!! 
So I decided to use some to make my own cake plate! For the center I used a blue bucket I found in the $1 bin also at Target.

Speaking of cake... on Andrew's actual birthday, we went to Disneyland and were just planning on staying a couple hours (we have passes so we usually just jump on a couple rides and head home.) however, he was having so much fun we stayed longer than expected. The cake I was planning on baking got scrapped. Instead,  I bought an ice cream cake from the local grocery store. Have you noticed how expensive ice cream cakes are? Good thing they are delicious and with the heat wave we are experiencing totally worth it. Since I spent more than I wanted to on the cake and felt guilty for not baking one, I made my my own cake toppers. Handy Manny of course! I found a free printable from Disney Family.com for a Handy Manny toolbox craft I've been wanting to make. I just downloaded and printed out the printable (did I mention it was my favorite...free!) and added toothpicks.  Click Here for the Free Link

Overall I was quite pleased with my table! I hope you liked it to...
Next Up ...The Backyard. (It's My favorite part! )

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