Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cupcake Liner Crafts

I told you I was obsessed with making cupcake liner crafts. I saw this great idea on Tater Tots and Jello and I had to try it ... now I am officially hooked. They are so cute and inexpensive to make. I was able to find some floral foam at my local dollar tree and found two styrofoam wreaths that were slightly damaged in the clearance bin at Michael's that I got at a significant discount. Don't worry if they have small cracks or even large ones since the liners are practically weightless and cover any evidence. I also found the floral foam a little too messy, but it was great to store the flowers in so they don't get smashed.

Jennifer has some great step-by-step directions, but I did find my own trick: If you are using a printed liner, make sure to fold half of the liners inside out that way you can put one inside of the other, otherwise your creation will show a lot of unwanted white color. The double liner also makes it look a little fuller. 

So here's some of my latest creations! 

  I picked up the flower clip in the $1 bin that I was able to simply clip onto the liner. 

Then I discovered that these cupcake liners would not only make adorable wreaths, but these flower balls were super cute and so easy to make. I stuck a wooden dowel in the end of the styrofoam ball and then placed hot glue around the edges to hold it in place. 

I think I went back to Michael's 5 times to get more and more liners and so I had enough to make a bouquet. 


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