Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's Potty Time

We're a month out until Andrew's 2nd birthday, he has been hiding when he goes potty so I finally decided to start introducing potty training. A moment I've been dreading since I found out I was pregnant! 

Watching Toy Story from the Potty
I don't want to force him...that will make it just more frustrating for both of us. Over the past few days, we've strategically added several potty seats around the house. We've been spending a little time each day with Andrew not having to wear a diaper (Which he absolutely LOVES! little nature boy!)

Today, we let him pick out some big boy underwear. Which was very interesting. Picture this... Brian, Drew and I standing in the underwear aisle at Walmart with Drew screaming, "Put them Back! I don't like them!" Not the most positive way to start this whole potty training business. We finally convinced him that he would match Daddy so he picked out the generic Fruit of the Loom pants and we were off.

I am not above bribery!
 I introduced Andrew to the Potty Jar and he helped me fill it with candy. After explaining that if he wore underwear and went potty in his chair he would get to eat them, he decided to put the new additions on. After about 20 minutes of strutting around like and Abercrombie model and when I turned away for 2 minutes he did go potty!!! Half on my carpet..half in the potty...all with the underwear still on. We celebrated anyways! If a drop goes in the toilet I'll take the victory.

So Day 1 of the Potty Training...I'll consider a success. At least he knows what underwear and a potty is!

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Danielle said...

what a fun way to get potty training going. I would love for you to link up to my feature Friday linky party.

Sunny Vanilla said...

This made me laugh! Such a cute idea and so simple to do. We're not quite there yet (celebrating her first birthday tomorrow) but I'm storing this one in the noggin for later on. Great blog. Hope you have a second to check out mine :-)

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